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Ventana Windows & Doors Inc. manufactures vinyl residential windows and doors in Toronto, Ontario. Locally owned and operated, Ventana is in an excellent position to serve Ontario home builders and dealers. Ventana brings hundreds of years of combined window and door manufacturing experience to the Ontario market place. We have deep expertise in design, fabrication and installation through-out Southern Ontario. Our new manufacturing facility, conveniently located by the 400 series of Highways, allows Ventana to deliver windows and doors on a timely basis right to your jobsite or store.

Energy Efficiency

The Challenger series meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR ® ratings for the Ontario climate.


The Challenger series unique construction was developed specifically for Ontario. This design coupled with our unsurpassed pre- and postpurchases ervice delivers fantastic value without compromise.


Ventana Windows & Doors unparalleled warranty meets and exceeds all statutory warranty requirements.

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Triple Weather Stripping

Provides top levels of insulation and efficiency, and protects against the elements for years to come.


The Challenger window is available in dual pane and tripane glass, increasing energy efficiency.

Standard Multi-Point Lock

A standard feature on all Challenger windows, multi-point locking systems lock in three places, ensuring long-lasting security.

Overlapping Spring-Loaded Screen

Ensures a better fit and no bending. The spring-loaded feature enhances appearance by eliminating the need for unsightly tabs.

10-Year Warranty

Rest easy with Ventana Windows' unparalleled, industry leading 10-year warranty on vinyl and glass.

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Entry Doors

Wood and Vinyl Jamb

This unique material combination offers affordability,low maintenance and longterm durability

Polyurethane Foam Injected

Foam injected slab and rot-resistant bottom rail offers increased durability and protection from the elements.

Foam Compression Weather Stripping

Helps seal the door upon closing, preventing water and air leakage.

One piece Continuous Sill

This one piece sill is water- and air-tight and easy to install.

Adjustable Threshold

The visually appealing adjustable threshold is also air- and water-tight.

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Garden Doors

Fully Customizable

Our many options allow you to fully personalize your garden and patio door to suit your tastes.

Increased Functionality

With both doors fully operational, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for beauty

One piece Continuous Sill

This one piece sill is water- and air-tight and easy to install.

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Patio Doors


With assorted hardware and colour options, you can find a patio door perfectly suited to your home.

Energy Efficiency

Exceptional thermal and moisture barriers help keep your home comfortable, for less.

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